A selection of my writing. I like to think it’s blooming marvellous. If you agree, you can hire me here.

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All About Doncaster

I’ve written several pieces praising Doncaster, South Yorkshire, where I am based. These include a round-up of my favourite places for David and Donetta, and a piece on the town centre for Doncaster Free Press.


DIY Guides – Property Workshop

All my guides for Property Workshop.com are on this page. I create in-depth articles on various aspects of home improvement.

Product Care – Le and La

Le and La

Crafted several info pages, including one on product care, for US fashion brand Le and La, which specialises in leather and lace wear.


TV Reviews – Metro

Blogs for Metro TV
BBC EastEnders

My author page at Metro.co.uk, showcasing my reviews for shows including EastEnders and Orange Is The New Black.




The Smoke Review – CustardTV

The Smoke TV review
Sky 1

My review of Sky1 firefighter drama The Smoke.  I attended the preview screening and included comments from the cast and crew in my article. I also interviewed Jodie Whittaker (now better known as the 13th Doctor).


P3P Script – Nucco Brain

P3P Script
Nucco Brain

P3P Technologies specialise in biofuels. I wrote the script for their explanimation, developed with agency Nucco Brain, was to be used in sales pitches to clients.



Product Description – Style Fruits

Style Fruits Bikinis

Product description of dark blue bikinis for a fashion website. The text runs along the search results on the site and offers advice on how to style the product.



Ed Miliband and Barack Obama Comparison – Young Fabians

Ed Miliband and Barack Obama Comparison
Young Fabians

An article for the Anticipations US Election Special, where I used a famous photo of the Obamas hugging to offer tips on how Ed Miliband could improve his popularity.



Jaume Plensa Review – Arts and Architecture Journal

Jaume Plensa Together
Arts and Architecture Journal

Chichester Cathedral commissioned a new sculpture by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. I attended the discussion at the Cathedral where Plensa outlined his plans.






League of Culture

League of Culture
League of Culture

I am the Director of UK advocacy body League of Culture, where I blog on cultural policy issues.





Note: I have produced a large volume of copy for major retail and tourism brands, this work is covered by NDAs but I can say that it included a mixture of About pages for companies across the globe, product descriptions for an American shopping chain, and advice on sightseeing and hotels in Asia.