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Harveys: Take a look inside Doncaster’s new hairdresser’s

Harveys hairdressers opens today (March 6th) on Silver Street in Doncaster. The new salon offers hair and beauty treatments and I met with manager Gemma find out more about what was on offer.

The hairdressers location was chosen because the building had previously been a salon that was very well regarded in Doncaster. Silver Street is on the brink of a huge regeneration project which Gemma hopes to capitalise on. The salon is a huge, bright space, crisply decorated. Behind the tiled end wall are private rooms for beauticians to work out of.

Downstairs is a small cellar space, that has been stripped back to reveal an incredible brick ceiling. While I got frankly over-excited by the decor, customers will appreciate the barber shop facilities.

All haircare products at Harveys are supplied by Kevin Murphy. This brand prides itself on being organic, with all ingredients responsibly sourced with minimal impact on the environment. Murphy describes his products as ‘skincare for the hair’, they are lightweight formulas containing natural ingredients.

Harveys’ relaxing setting is enhanced by a beautiful fish tank set into the main salon’s wall, something to watch while waiting for hair dye to set! A full introduction to Harveys’ stylists and beauty therapists can be found on their Instagram.

Visitors on Saturday, 9th March 2019, who stay till 5pm can enjoy the Harveys Launch Party. Everyone who attends will be entered in a raffle to win some fantastic prizes. Complimentary drinks, goodie bags, live music, demos and discounts are all available on the night.

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Vicky’s interview with BBC Radio Sheffield

I made my radio debut, along with my lovely Mum, on Monday 17th December 2018. The opportunity was completely unexpected and here is how it happened:

On Friday, the phone rang. It was a private number so I ignored it. Private numbers mean PPI or ‘our records show you have been involved in a car accident’. If it was important, they’d leave a message.

A few minutes later, a message was left. I listened. It was Rav Sanghera, a producer with BBC Radio Sheffield. He had found my blog on David and Donetta (now removed) about moving to Doncaster and thought I would be a good interviewee for the Monday show, which was about people migrating to South Yorkshire. I googled the details, and ascertained that Rav was a real person, with a real job. I rang back.

A book was being published about refugees who had moved to Sheffield. The radio station wanted to interview other people who had moved nearby, for less harrowing reasons. I had a chat with Rav about how great Doncaster was to live in, and mentioned that my parents moved with me. For those that don’t know, I have Crohn’s Disease and my parents take care of me when I have a relapse.

Rav was interested as to how they had found the move, especially as we are all from down south originally (although we had already moved to York, before Doncaster). I mentioned that my Mum had emigrated to Canada in her twenties, so Doncaster wasn’t such a big leap of faith. We agreed that Mum would be a great interviewee too, so we were both booked on the show.

Carrie Prior, AKA Mum, on the left. We didn’t deliberately match outfits.

I spent the weekend being utterly terrified. For about 4 years I have had really bad social anxiety. I used to absolutely love going to events and meeting new people, and now it fills me with dread. I was so glad that Mum was going with me, else I might have chickened out.

We made it to the studio and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Rav and the presenter, Rony, are total sweethearts and made us both feel at home. It was just like having a chat in your living room. I managed to rep several awesome Doncaster businesses and not make a total prat out of myself during the section on dialect.

Hearing Mum’s story was really interesting. Even though I knew most of it, it turns out that she was in Canada for 9 years, which was double how long I thought she had spent there. I also didn’t realise that she and her husband (her first one, not my Dad) were totally on their own once they got there, and only had £100 in their pocket. Even in the 1960s, that wasn’t a lot of money! I definitely want to explore Mum’s experiences in greater detail, let me know in the comments below if you would like to know more as well.

You can listen to our interview from 1:09 at the following link (until approximately 16/01/2019):

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Tease me please, Dita: Reviewing Art of the Teese at the London Palladium

Opulence, glamour, and sheer wish fulfilment are the ingredients that create Art of the Teese. Dita Von Teese’s burlesque show came to the London Palladium this year and  I was lucky enough to see it on Monday, 12 November. For me, this show has been over a decade in the making. I first discovered Dita Von Teese while I was at my undergrad university, having a horrible time. Immersing myself in Dita’s Swarovski coated fantasy world was a kind of therapy. Years later, this therapy had its final, glorious session and we can pronounce this patient cured of at least some of her sadness.

Dita performs four acts, each one more sparkling than the last. Her instagram has some wonderful closeups of her costumes, but seeing them in the flesh, so to speak, is on another level. Thousands of crystals adorn every bit of the fabric, and at one point I wondered if electric lights had been sewn in as well, because I have never seen such fire and shimmer.

My attempt at sparkle for the evening.

On the subject of flesh, yes, there is quite a bit on display, this is a strip show after all. But nipples and genitals are hidden away under even more sparkles, and the way parts of the body aren’t displayed is just as clever as the way parts are. Special mention here to the only solo male stripper (let’s not leave out the VonTourage), Jett Adore, whose Zorro inspired routine managed to be both hilarious and truly teasing. I’m not one for seeing penises waving about on stage, so I was a bit concerned during this act, but everything is kept, if not quite PG, then certainly not something that would give Granny a heart attack.

In fact, crudity is largely absent in Dita’s show. All the performers have signed some sort of glamour pledge, meaning the show celebrates the beauty of the female form. Yes, compère Jonny McGovern does encourage you to ogle, but also to remember how strong and confident these women are. McGovern serves as the leader of a feminist pep rally, managing to boost all the women in the audience without alienating the men.


Onto the acts themselves, and I’m sorry there aren’t photos but Dita strictly forbids them. Again, check out her instagram to get an idea of what to expect. What I can tell you is that none of the acts disappoint. Ginger Valentine had the hard task of following Dita, the audience was slow to respond but soon warmed up to her incredible splits, while balanced on a metal heart. I quickly realised I am not flexible enough to take up burlesque.

At least I can look the part…

For the others, Zelia Rose brings Josephine Baker to life, while Gia Genevieve had a working bathtub/shower combo on stage with her. If I’m honest, the Diana Dors-esque beauty was a little upstaged by her set. But everyone is momentarily forgotten when Dirty Martini arrives on stage. I love Dirty Martini, every inch of her, and that’s a fair amount of inches to love. I’m not being cruel, Dirty lives for her plus-size power. Her strip was as exquisite as I’d been expecting, but her nipple tassel prowess was next level. Dirty takes part in a series of faster and wilder challenges and honestly, I had a word with my boobs after the show for being lazy. Tassel twirling can only be described as acrobatic and I think the Olympics is missing out not having it as a sport.

Back to Dita, and having seen her perform while lip-synching, then while on-pointe in a ballet, then while riding a mechanical bull, I think we can safely say that she deserves her crown as Queen of Burlesque. The control in her body and her timing is something else. Every movement adds to the story, even tiny hand gestures. And everything is glamorous and sexy, not sleazy. Dita Von Teese was well worth waiting over ten years for, and there is no one who embodies the Art of the Teese quite like she does.


Lifestyle blog: Prior Portfolio finds its sparkle
Picture of Vicky Prior

Hello! My name is Vicky Prior, and this is my writing portfolio. It’s also a way to find out more about me It gives me an opportunity to highlight things I care about and fun stuff I do.

But….I haven’t really been doing this. In fact, I got so obsessed with working out what I should write, for an audience of potential clients I know nothing about, that I forgot:

This is supposed to be fun!

So, I’m turning the blog side of Prior Portfolio into a lifestyle blog. Now I’m not saying that I’m the most interesting person, or that I lead the most exciting life, but I do get up to some pretty cool stuff, so hopefully you will all enjoy reading about it.

There’s going to be a lot more food (yes, I promise to go to Dreambakes a lot) and a crazy amount of sewing and knitting, but I’ll also try and get my bum out of the house and show you some of the amazing places in Doncaster and the surrounding area. I expect my adorable parents will pop up too.

I hope you enjoy the new content. Let me know what you want to see more of in the comments below, or get in touch via social media.

Vicky xx